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wE'r3 s0 Sp3c1@L

...y3t s0 un1mp0rt@nt

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This is for the kids who have nothing to do and nothing to say. But we all have something to do, and something to say. So this is where they do it.

This is the community for kids who DIE OF ENDLESS BOREDOM. It's also for the kids who hate ghey AOL message board posts (that's right, we hate). This is where you post random stupid shit from message boards in AOL, and anywhere else. Basically, we poke fun at everyone.

Eventually, life will be unboring. But for now, we'll try just survive.

1) Do not post in here if you're going to bash the kids who are bored.
2) If you decide to post an IM conversation between you and a newbie, and it is HUGE, please put it behind an LJ-Cut (learn how to use it).
3) Do not post anything that is sexist, racist, homophobic, hateful, etc. Do not harass any of the members.
4) If you would like to keep the newbie's identity safe (for his/her sake), then go right ahead.
5) You can post whatever you want in here. Doesn't matter, it's just a free-for-all community. So basically just post post and post again, to make us bored kids feel special...

I'll do more rules later...

Okay, yeah, anyway, people, this was all under sarcasm.


Your moderator, who apparently has no life: