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i'm sorry i ever made this community. an attempt to make this community more active...i'm having themes for every week...

...this week's theme is "senseless conversations with senseless newbies."

that means:
-post conversations with stupid newbs
-or quote them
-you can mix up the screename so their identity will be saved (spare the poor kid's soul)
-post LONG conversations under the lj cut

don't know how to use an LJ cut?

here's how:

<*lj-cut text="what you want the cut link to say"*> here, the content you want hidden behind the LJ cut goes in here, for instance, the long conversation...<*/lj-cut*>

take out the stars.

and now for the second part...

..who wants to be co-mod? though i doubt many of you do. i want this community to have 2 mods. i'm not very responsible. so who's up for it?

comment with the the subject: i wanna be a mod, foo'!

alright? alright. now...

good day to you♥

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